Our Sydney Team of Volunteers
Anna Maylis
Limmud FSU Australia Project Manager
Anna was born in Ukraine in 1973, moved to Israel at 17, and then to Sydney 25 years ago. After more than 20 years of teaching Hebrew at Sydney schools, Anna followed her passion for acting and opened a theatre for young stars, called "JeSTAR".

In 2015, she became the Director of Kangarusski – Sydney's Russian-speaking Jewish community organisation, and later became a Project Manager of Limmud FSU Aust. Anna believes that Limmud FSU is an exciting and unique opportunity for the Russian speaking community to meet amazing local and international presenters, learn from the world known intellectuals and professionals and celebrate the fascinating history and heritage of Jewish people from Former Soviet Union.

Anna is passionately involved in community life and truly believes that love, knowledge and a good sense of humour will save the world.
Anatol Romanov
Marketing Officer
Anatol Romanov has been a community volunteer since 1992, when he established regular informal open door gatherings for Russian speaking new migrants, most of whom were Jewish. Over almost five years The Romanovs' Club, ran by Anatol and his wife Faina, provided cultural and psychological support to hundreds of people, helping singles and families to settle in their new country, to find new friends, find a job, navigate education and healthcare systems, celebrate Jewish holidays and enjoy traditional food and entertainment.

In 2016 Anatol joined Limmud FSU and Kangarusski as a volunteer, and since then he has been working as a part of Leadership Team for many Russian Jewish Community initiatives. Anatol is the President of RJA - Russian-Speaking Jewish Community Association Incorporated (NSW), established in 2017 to build and widen cultural links between our community and a wider Australian society.

Anatol is a career learner, with master degrees in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, and Applied Finance, but most importantly he has a loving and supporting family. His wife Faina is a Kangarusski volunteer, son is a board member of Technion Australia and daughter's family is involved in Jewish community life and Limmud Labs projects.

Inna Polura
Financial Officer
I came to Australia from the Soviet Union in 1989 and unfortunately, half of my life was spent in a country where there was no opportunity to follow Jewish traditions.

For the last six years, my family and I have been taking an active part in various projects of the Russian-Jewish community of Sydney.

Since February 2016, when I was first introduced to the Limmud FSU world, my life has changed. Meeting young, talented, motivated and multiskilled people with different backgrounds, different occupations, different areas of expertise would not be possible without Limmud.

I am also the initiator of the Sabbat Dinner Limmud Style project, sponsored by the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora.

I really hope that in the future, the next generation, represented by my grandson, will continue what we have started ...
Rina Kuczko
Event Manager
I'm a Russian speaking Jew from Latvia and a very proud daughter of Holocaust survivors. I came to Australia 25 years ago and to cut a long story short, I've just ended my professional Events Management 20 year career to become a full-time carer for people in need.

As part of my volunteering involvement with Jewish community, I have worked as the Head of Logistics of Limmud FSU for six years ago. I was lucky to be able to attend Jewish school and camps in Latvia when I was a teenager and, when the opportunity came to be involved in Limmud FSU in Sydney, I did not think twice. Limmud FSU is where people alike meet, become friends for life, learn and share their own experiences and knowledge.
Natalie Klimontova
Who am I?... If I am ever able to answer this question I'll consider myself as the happiest person in the world! I'm simply ordinary and exceptionally complicated, I'm abstract artists and very concrete analyst, I'm super-organised unsystematic person with a strong passion about the things I do.

I survived 3 immigrations, travelled the world, lived in huge cities and small villages, but still don't know if I belong to any of them. I've obtained 4 different educations... and using them all now predominantly in the most important job in my life - rising my kids...

As an inquisitive person I'm always thirsty for knowledge and full of new creative ideas. That is why Limmud for me is a great opportunity to be involved and useful, to learn and progress, and through its diversity to find something new in myself and get closer to the answer "who am I?".

Yelena Revis
Elena Revis is a talented and successful artist, professional teacher, founder and director of an art school in Sydney.
Elena is a wonderful person in every respect and a Limmud volunteer.
She has been involved in organizing the Limmud festival since 2016.

She likes being inside the Jewish community, meeting new people, helping to get acquainted with the history and culture of the Jewish people and learning a lot of new things from the past and present.
Evgene Kless
Technology Officer
Evgene was born in Ukraine, made aliya at the age of 12 and moved to Sydney 15 years ago – with a two years' stopover in Sweden. Evgene is Limmud FSU Australia Chief Technology Officer.

He has two decades of world-wide experience in multinational telecommunication companies. He is a technology visionary during business hours and a "gadget guy" at all other times.

Evgene has plagiarised Hillel Elder's motto of "If not me, who? If not now, when?" That got him involved in many community projects including Limmud FSU Australia which is a unique event where families and friends come together for a day of learning which could inspire a lifetime of change.
Kira Kless
Kids Limmud FSU Officer
Born in Uzbekistan, Kira has called Sydney home for over a quarter of a century. Kira is a solicitor with over 19 years of experience in public law.

Kira views volunteering as a unique, rewarding opportunity to contribute to her community and to shape the community in which her children are growing up.

In 2016 Kira with family attended Limmud FSU for the first time. They loved being immersed in an atmosphere of community, learning, culture and fun, and they were active volunteers and organisers of Limmud FSU 2018.

Kira is in charge of the Kids Limmud FSU Program – that came as a natural progression to many things that Kira does with kids and for kids.